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CONNECT IT CMI-8008-BK YouMic USB Filter - microphone

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CONNECT IT CMI-8008-BK YouMic USB Filter - microphone


CONNECT IT CMI-8008-BK YouMic USB Filter

CONNECT IT CMI-8008-BK YouMic Plus is a USB microphone for handheld and desktop use and comes with a miniature stand and POP filter - ideal for recording voice, sounds and noises, playing games, chatting and more. The protective filter POP Killer with a diameter of 100 mm is made of highly sound-permeable material, while perfectly suppressing extreme changes in acoustic pressures in explosive sounds and syllables (eg p, b, t, ř, hiss, etc.). It also protects the microphone from moisture in the breath and saliva, which increases its lifespan. Of course, the CONNECT IT microphone can be used with or without a filter.

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Lunux

Key features of the CONNECT IT CMI-8008-BK YouMic USB USB microphone

  • Stable tripod with the possibility of folding
  • Possibility of fixing the microphone angle in a tripod
  • Resonance-free microphone mount
  • POP filter mounted on a flexible gooseneck
  • Special cardioid directional characteristic for noise suppression (eliminates unwanted sounds coming outside the main direction of the microphone)
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Compatible operating systems: Windows, Mac OS

Additional information:
Impedance: 2,200 Ohm
DC 4.5 V, 15 mA
Cable length: 2.5 m
Package contents: microphone, tripod, protective filter and operating instructions

Parameters and specifications




The cable length

2.5 m

Microphone characteristics

Directional characteristic

Directional (cardioid)

Frequency from

50 Hz

Frequency to

16 kHz


2,200 Ohm


-38 dB / mW



Equipment and functions

Equipment and functions

Pop filter



230 g



50 mm


160 mm


50 mm


The CONNECT IT brand was born in 2010 in the heart of Europe in response to the growing demand for affordable and high-quality accessories for everyday work and entertainment using modern technology.

We live in a world where "connection" plays a crucial role in almost every situation. For the CONNECT IT brand, the mission is to connect people and technology, make life easier and offer our customers a quality technical background, a diverse product range and local support.

CONNECT IT is based on the best possible price-performance ratio, ie that the price corresponds to the actual value of the product. The design and testing center annually produces dozens of new products, for which practicality, reliability and durability are the most important.

CONNECT IT products undergo thorough testing throughout the production process. Before being offered to customers, they undergo final pre-sales tests in the Czech Republic and Germany.

In a very short time, the CONNECT IT brand has established itself among the leading and fastest growing brands on the market and is synonymous with modern design, quality and excellent price / performance ratio.



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