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EVOLVEO RX 550 LED 80Plus 550W

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EVOLVEO RX 550 LED 80Plus 550W


Computer Power Supply 550W, RGB LED, ATX 2.2, 80 Plus, active PFC, 1x PCIe, 4x SATA, 140mm silent fan, 4 color effects + 7 selectable colors, power cable included, bulk

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EVOLVEO RX 550 LED 80Plus 550W

Every computer, workstation or server needs a well-chosen resource to run. Source selection is often underestimated, and that's not good. In addition to properly powering the computer, it will be able to extend the life of components and save electricity. EVOLVEO RX 550 RGB LED 80Plus 550W is in charge of a proven voltage transfer from the mains to individual parts, which then power the necessary components. The 550 W ATX power supply is recommended for upper middle class computers. The source has a 14mm fan, which alleviates excessive temperatures and supports its life. Each PC power supply sold has a specific label presenting how it uses the input current. Thanks to the 80 PLUS label, it achieves an efficiency of up to 82 %.
Key features of the computer power supply EVOLVEO RX 550 RGB LED 80Plus 550W

Active Power Factor Compensation (PFC)
The ATX format is one of the most popular formats on most computers
The computer source received the 80 PLUS certification, which confirms the efficiency of using the input current of up to 82 %
The computer power supply will provide a 1 × PCI-E connector for driving powerful graphics cards
It also offers a 4 × Serial ATA connector for connecting hard disks, SSDs or CD / DVD drives
Type of source protection: overvoltage protection (OVP), undervoltage protection (UVP), overload protection (OPP) and short circuit protection (SCP)


550 W



ATX version


Equipment and functions

Active PFC

Type of protection

Overvoltage protection (OVP), Undervoltage protection (UVP), Overload protection (OPP), Short circuit protection (SCP)




82 %


ATX 24 pin, CPU 4pin, PCI-E 8pin / 6 + 2pin, Molex 4pin, SATA 15pin

Number of PCI Express 8-pin

1 ×

Number of Serial ATA 15-pin

4 ×

Fan size

140 mm



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