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Core i7-4790K vs Core i3-12100F - what the fastest processor of 2014 in games is capable of after 8 years

The Testing Games channel team is exploring the potential of the old flagship

In mid-2014, the author of this article considered buying a new system unit. It was supposed that the heart would be the i7-4770K core, which became cheaper, but after a whole month of suffering, it was decided to abandon such an expensive idea. I had to wait more than a year, but in this case it doesn't matter.

The bottom line is that at the same time, an even more productive stone went on sale, which was literally overwhelmed by force. The time when Intel released the Core i7-4790K is now considered one of the best in history because prices were low and greed did not yet overshadow all the feelings of the company's management.

Sometimes our readers write that they have just such a stone at home, and assure everyone else that the potential of the processor is so huge that today there is no need to update anything at all.

Too much time has passed since then, so we can't even imagine if this processor is still relevant or if some of our readers are a little cunning. Because it is extremely difficult to understand this issue, we decided to study the tests performed by the Testing Games team.

The bloggers took the old flagship from 2014 and compared it with the most budget representative of the Alder Lake series - Core i3-12100F. The GeForce RTX 3080 was used as the graphics card. Recall that the Core i7-4790K had 4 cores and could be overclocked to 4.4 GHz. At the same time, the Core i3-12100F, released 8 years later, lacks multithreading and accelerates to 4.3 GHz, but has a much more efficient architecture and 10nm processing technology. Let's look at the table and draw conclusions.

As you can see, all the words about the relevance of the Core i7-4790K in 2022 are nothing more than an attempt to be convinced. In fact, the old flagship is no longer up to date and can only be used as a simple system for the Internet or study. We agree that in the case of overclocking, performance may increase by 15-20 %, but this will not solve the problem of a critical delay behind the 2022 budget stone. If you have something like this at hand, then we strongly recommend not investing in an expensive graphics card. In this case, the loss of performance will be critical.

As for the Core i3-12100F, one simple fact proves it: despite all the criticism, Intel does not stop progress. We may like to see more serious results and instead of the same four cores at least 40, but for now we have to admit that engineers are not able to go beyond the laws of physics. The transition to more advanced technological processes in 8 years has allowed buyers of cheap stone to bypass those who spent incredible sums on the flagship in 2014. Maybe that's why the author of this material decided to stop buying expensive processors and motherboards once and for all. Instead, it's easier to update this kit every 2 years, so you get nice support without having to change the whole system.

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