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Housing - Profi Home for Your Miner

We implement professional Housing GPU, HDD rigov and ASIC mineral for cryptocurrency mining.

What is Housing?

IT IS NOT RENT (cloud mining) When renting they rent power from the company (miner does not own) When housing you own miner (you can buy it from us or anywhere else) store / run

Advantages of housing?

You don't care about anything, you don't solve dust, noise, humidity or the price of electricity. At the same time, you save hundreds of euros. Why? Because our electricity is 30-60% cheaper than the electricity in your home

Why are we doing this?

100% mined coins go directly to you every 24 hours. Supervision, mineral management and space rental is FREE. You only pay for electricity. So why are we doing this? Our price of electricity is even lower than the price we charge you = our profit

How Does Housing Work?

1 Miner will bring us to the data center (or by courier)

2 We will sign contracts (contact us for their preview)

3 We'll connect Miner to your crypto-wallet

4 Let's start. 100% extracts are sent to your wallet every day (we do not have access to accounts)

Payment for electricity # 5 At the end of the month you will receive an invoice for electricity (space rental, administration and everything else is already included in the price of electricity)

You can end housing at any time # 6 housing you can end at any time (no obligation)

Electricity costs during 4-6 years of Minera's life are almost always higher than the price of Minera itself!

You will pay, for example, € 6,000 for a mineral. But you will pay at least another 6,000 for electricity in 4 years

Therefore, only the price of electricity often decides whether you will be in profit or loss.

Lower costs = higher profits.

Only 1 Miners, so you will save up to 3000 €

Of course, it all depends on the exact rate you pay for electricity at home.

Data center equipment / Conditions:

▪ Cooling and Controlled Air-flow

▪ Industrial ventilation with antistatic dust filtering

▪ Alarm and Camera system connected to SBS

▪ Modified double walls

▪ EPS - electrical fire alarm system

▪ High-speed internet (including backup line in case of outage)

▪Direct access to minerals by the client (physically and remotely)

▪At the same time, our Profi-Monitoring and Administration

▪ Form of relationship: CONTRACT and monthly payments to the INVOICE

  • 100% mined coins go straight to your wallet - every 24 hours.
  • We have no access to your accounts.

Housing fee includes:

Space rental (free of charge) Electricity (payable monthly) Refrigeration, security and premises management (free of charge) Professional equipment supervision (free of charge)

-You don't pay anything more!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you change the prices of electricity (housing)?
How often do I pay for housing? Monthly? Annually?
What is the min. binding?
What do I pay for? Fees? Yield share?
Where's the hook? Why are you doing this?
Can I house a mineral that is not bought from you?

How do I CHECK / Switch mining / What approach do I have?

For Preview Contracts, Questions Whether Housing Order Contact Us.

We will be happy to answer you.
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