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Heat sinks can be found on almost every component inside a computer. Heatsinks usually consist of two parts, passive and active. Today, it is possible to find only passive coolers in the offer, but also combined coolers, while combined coolers are more efficient but noisier. Some components, such as the processor or graphics card, would not work at all without heat sinks. In general, we could say that by using a cooler, we dissipate excess heat and thus prolong the life of the product. Heatsinks are made of a material that dissipates heat well, which is why we most often encounter a combination of copper and aluminum. The already mentioned active part of the coolers is always a fan. Its properties are affected by many aspects such as diameter, speed or rotation of the blades. A completely different category is water cooling, which works on the same principle as cars. The heat is removed from the individual components by water to a large exchanger, where the water cools down again. The best-known manufacturers of coolers include companies such as Scythe, Noctua, Arctic or Cooler master.

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