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Configurator: Gaming computer 2020 AMD + NVIDIA + Intel with DVD and BlueRay

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Configurator: Gaming computer 2020 AMD + NVIDIA + Intel with DVD and BlueRay

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Build your gaming computer according to your preferences and feel free.

  1. Check the optimum combination.
  2. We will fold.
  3. We will install.
  4. Configure.
  5. Optimizing.
  6. We will test.
  7. We will deliver.

Gaming computer configurator for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards and for AMD and Intel processors.

Build your gaming computer according to your preferences and we will arrange everything else for you.

We ensure compatibility.

  1. We will let you know if the configuration is not optimal.
  2. We will fold.
  3. We will install. PC will be provided with Windows 10 Professional - Czech version.
  4. Configure. All new drivers and updates and updates will be installed.
  5. Optimizing. We will optimize the system settings to give you the best performance in games and to emit as little sound and noise as possible in less time.
  6. We will test. Test for ultra load.
  7. We will deliver.

The price of the computer is final, no additional charges and fees.

Your computer's motherboard contains everything you might expect and require such as:

  • 4x USB 3.1 ports for fastest USB connection.
  • Sound Card Realtek High Definition Sound Card - 5.1 channels of sound.
  • Connecting the microphone and headphones to the front panel.
  • Connecting the USB ports from the front panel of the computer.
  • Support for RAID 0,1,5,6,10.
  • Advanced SpeedStep technology support.
  • Energy efficient motherboard mode.

The computer has a powerful silent power supply to fully manage the configuration of the processor, graphics card, operating memory, SSD and HDD drives.

Free operating system

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 

The latest operating system on the market, Windows Professional 10, worth CZK 2,500 for each PC free.  

In addition to the Windows Home version, it provides a number of extensions, management tools, network settings, remote desktop, and virtualization support that is missing from the Home version.

The license is unlimited in time.

Free office package

Microsoft Office Professional - English version

Office package MS Office 2016 Professional Plus in the Czech version. The package contains all MS Office components such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation tool.

The license is unlimited in time.

Customer Service, Support, Upgrade

PcPraha package

With a computer from PcPraha outside of a quality gaming computer together with a service PcPrague No Worries you gain customer service and technical support. These services include: Technical support via Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, modernization and free, complete upgrade diagnostics computers, testing, compressed air cleaning, BIOS firmware update, full installation of the latest drivers, Windows reinstallation and data recovery.

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Certificate and Test Protocol

Ke každému PC dostanete Testovací protokol - Certifikát

Ke každému Pc dostanete testovací protokol, vyplněn technikem krátce před prodejem vašeho herního počítače. Máte tak jistotu, že je vše v pořádku a Váš nový PC prošel komplexní kontrolou a zjišťováním skrytých chyb, které nejsou poznatelné ani výrobcem, nakolik se můžou projevovat jen v kombinaci s jinými komponentami. 

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Demonstration, presentation and PC connection

Personal collection

Before buying, we will show you each computer and get a box for convenient transportation home.

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Computer delivery by post / courier cash on delivery / delivery in Prague

The computer will come to you computer packed in a triple package with internal reinforcement with air cushions. In addition to the computer, you will receive a box from the motherboard with manuals for other components, stickers from all other components, installation DVDs and cables. We also send cash on delivery.

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Power cable to each PC

For each PC we supply a free power cord for the socket at the customer's location. 


Customers purchase the following for this computer:

  1. WiFi network card USB module
  2. 2TB HDD - including installation
  3. Expansion of RAM by 8 - 32 GB DDR4.



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