How can I evaluate the performance of a gaming computer? The computer may be equipped with the fastest processor capable of producing billions of operations per second, RAM operating at transcendental frequencies, a graphics card that supports all the latest technologies, but only the coordinated work of all these components can provide truly smooth and exciting gaming. The most important indicator of computer performance in games is therefore average number of frames per second (frames per second or FPS) in modern games.

However, each game requires a different amount of resources to render a single frame, so the number of frames that your computer can display per unit of time will vary for each game. In addition, FPS is significantly affected by factors such as screen resolution (the larger it is, the more work the GPU has) and the graphics settings in the game itself (rendering photorealistic effects in the latest games is very resource intensive).

After selecting the necessary requirements, it is therefore possible to evaluate the level of performance of a new computer for modern games and, most importantly, to monitor how game performance changes depending on the configuration of the computer.

Keep in mind, however, that the FPS values are only average values, which may vary depending on the specific game scenes and driver versions installed.