Mining and computers at the best prices in Europe
Address: Opletalova 20, Prague 1
Mobilephone: + 420 792 480 835
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ASIC miner
ASIC weightsfrom 20 000 $View
Kaspa miners
The most profitable miningfrom 50 000 $View
profitability ASIC miners.
Mining profitabilityup to 400 CZK per monthView

Why us?

✅We are the largest seller of mining machines in the Czech Republic.

✅We have been mining since 2009.

✅Exact return calculation for mining with the highest profitability.

✅We provide a full warranty on ASIC machine and at the same time free training, installation and setup.
✅We operate a service center for ASIC with Europe-wide coverage for post-warranty repairs.
✅Consulting in the field of cryptocurrencies, mining, investing cryptocurrencies
✅Anonymous change of cryptocurrencies to Czech crowns or Euros for our customers.
✅Stone store in Prague in the center and in the center of Europe.

s19-95-th-s-se-lisi-od-s19-j-pro-a-s19-pro-110-th-pcprahaWe are selling ASIC miner with a real guarantee which no one in the Czech Republic and Europe will provide you with to such an extent. We can afford it thanks to the operation of an authorized service center for ASIC miner and direct contract with producers ASIC miners in China. We are based in Prague in the centre Europe.

We provide full service with training and setup for everyone, especially for novice cryptocurrency miners and investors. You do not pay extra for this service, we do it with passion and joy.

We guarantee you the maximum profitability of your investment in crypto mining so that you can make the most of it. We will calculate your return, accurately calculate profitability and advise you on which wallet to buy for cryptocurrencies and how to secure the miner, network and crypto wallet. The only thing we cannot predict is the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies.

We will propose a tailor-made solution according to your requirements and parameters such as the price of electricity, the type of electricity source, we will take into account space limitations and the time required for operation.

Housing ASIC heavy weights with the lowest price of electricity in the Czech Republic, Georgia, Dubai and Paraguay.

All ASIC you can pick up the miners at our brick-and-mortar store in Prague and pay after demonstration and full testing.

We have been in the industry for over 13 years and have gained a unique knowledge during that time. Our advice is an expert opinion supported by practice, not vague theoretical considerations.

Looking for a reliable mining equipment supplier?

You found him

Latest ASIC May 2023

Extraction ETC a ETH PRO 2022


Currently the most profitable ASIC miner:

ICERIVER KS3L - 8TH hashrate and 3200W.
Hash Rate: 8000GH/S
Profitability: $24800/month
Return: 48 days
Consumption: 3200W
Number of units sold: 112

Performance at the best price

We will always propose a solution for the best price per unit of performance.

We will set everything up for you

It doesn't matter if you understand mining or not - we will set everything up and explain it to you

Repair and Support

From a non-functioning wallet to a fragmenting card – we will solve the problem online, at the showroom or on the way out 

The lowest price on the market

You found a better price somewhere. Contact us, we will compare.

The fastest return on investment

Your investment can return to you within a year and a half

profitability ASIC miners.

We mainly specialize in Bitcoin mining, Kaspa Coin, Dodge, Litecoin, Etheureum, Ethereum Classic

We work with HiveOS, Foreman, BrainOS and our own Custom Made OS based Linux

Temporary housing

We provide the option of temporary housing both for purchase and for repair. Simply rig with us, we will connect and let the mining go to your wallet until you pick it up. 

What about the mined crypt?

It's one thing to mine crypto, another to multiply its value. We will be happy to share some of our experience with you and advise which of the many routes is the safest. We can still exchange it for Czech Korunas or Euros here in Prague at our store.


We also provide an upgrade option. You simply buy new hardware from us and we will buy back the old hardware from you.

Other services

We will set it up for you ASIC miner to mine your wallet. In addition, we will provide you with a web interface where you can check the mining functionality and monitor how many crypto coins you have mined.

overclocking ASIC miners to maximum stable values ​​in order to minimize the failure rate and increase yield and therefore profitability ASIC weights.

The price of electricity and consumption is a factor that directly affects your earnings. That's why we try ASIC optimize miners so that we achieve the lowest possible consumption while maintaining performance.

Every ASIC miner (according to type) is tested and a test result protocol with the achieved temperatures, power, and noise level is issued. This way you can only get your hands on it ASIC a miner that is functional. Up to 15% ASIC miners delivered from Chinese manufacturers do not pass our test and we therefore return them to the manufacturer.

Free transport

When purchasing over CZK 70

Easy 14 day returns

14 day money back guarantee

International warranty

Standard Warranty duration 2 years

Secure payment

PayPal / MasterCard / Visa

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