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Gaming computers with the lowest price guarantee in the Czech Republic and in Europe
Address: Opletalova 20, Prague 1
Telephone Number: +420 792 480 835
GPU miningfrom 85,000 CZKView
HDD miningfrom 43,000 CZKView
ASICfrom 70,000 CZKView

Why us?

We have been mining crypto since 2009. Over the years, we have been pretty seasoned in mining and nothing will surprise us.

Our currently best-selling rig:

Mining rig 6x RTX 3060ti 8GB non LHR– 345 MH / s - ETH
Hash Rate: 345MH / S
Yield: 721.41 $ / month
Number of GPUs: 6
Consumption: 862W
Number of pieces sold: 112

We sell performance, not brands

Many sites sell my executive rigs for a priced price just because the cards shine nicely and have "expensive" inscriptions. It doesn't matter here

We will set everything up for you

It doesn't matter if you understand the mining or not - we will set up and explain everything to you

Repair and support

From a non-functional wallet to a fragmenting card - we will solve the problem online, at the showroom or on the way out 

The lowest price on the market

In terms of price / performance, we are the cheapest on the market

The fastest return on investment

Your investment can pay off in a year and a half

NamePrice24H (%)
DSLA Protocol (DSLA)
Lympo (LYM)
YAM v2 (YAMV2)
Werewolf Coin (WWC)
CZK 2.26
WPP Token (WPP)
PolkaBridge (PBR)
CZK 10.13
Dev Protocol (DEV)
CZK 40.55
EvidenZ (BCDT)
CZK 2.83
-4.28% (BCUBE)
CZK 4.22

We specialize mainly in mining Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Chia

We work with HiveOS, RaveOS or Custom Made OS based Ubuntu 

Temporary housing

We provide the possibility of temporary housing for both purchase and repair. We simply involve the rig with us and let it benefit from your wallet until you pick it up. 

What about the excavated crypt?

One thing is to extract the crypto, another is to multiply its value. We will be happy to share some of our experience with you and advise you on which of the many ways is the safest.


We also provide the option to upgrade. You can simply buy new hardware from us, which we will connect to your rig. In this way, you can gradually build the strongest possible configuration from the average rig. 

Other services

We will adjust the BIOS according to your hardware needs to achieve the highest possible performance.

We perform overclocking to maximum stable values in order to minimize failure and increase the stability of the rig

The price of electricity and consumption is a factor that directly affects your earnings. That's why we optimize our rigs to achieve the lowest possible consumption while maintaining performance.

Each of our rig is tested to withstand a stable benefit 24/7.

Free transport

For purchases over CZK 50,000

Easy 14 day return

14 day money back guarantee

International warranty

Standard Warranty period 2 years

Secure payment

PayPal / MasterCard / Visa