PCPRAHA Upgrade Package

When you buy a gaming computer in PCPRAHA, you have the option to upgrade your computer for better with compensation for component cost. This means that you only pay the price difference of the components according to the current market prices. No hidden charges.
Standard warranty PcPraha Warranty PcPrague No Worries Other companies
Deadline for providing PC upgrade / upgrade services from the date of purchase 1 month service / warranty period of PcPraha Bez-Worries
2 years - 5 years
Help in choosing the best PC upgrade
Replacement of computer components for purchase of old ones
(surcharge for price difference)
Testing - stress test and computer setup No
Optimize your gaming computer for better performance with new components. No
PcPraha courier - pick up and return
(for Prague, within 30 km from the center)
according to the price list Discounted price No

Modernization with a number of details

If you purchase a PC in PCPRAHA, you will be able to upgrade your computer in the future (within 1 month) with compensation for old components. You only pay the difference between the old and the new part, all installation and configuration work will be done free of charge and in your presence.


1. Upgrading is possible only in the direction of computer improvement.
2. Only parts that are on our market in the Czech Republic can be replaced.
The subject of modernization is not: peripherals - mice, keyboards, fans and software.

Optimum modernization solutions

Our engineers are ready to offer the most optimum solution for upgrading your computer to get the most extra performance for your money.

Ideal platform for future upgrades

PcPraha computers are designed to be easy to upgrade, allowing you to gradually improve performance in the future by purchasing new components such as adding hard drives, operating memory, replacing or even adding another graphics card, or upgrading the processor.