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Gaming computer configurator


Assemble your computer exactly according to your ideas in our game configuration configurator.

You don't have to worry, everything is described and after ordering we will contact you and together we will verify the correctness of the configuration.

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Advantages of custom computer assembly

A custom-made computer perfectly matches what you need it for. However, we recommend that you look around in the already offered lineups. In any case, we will always advise you on how to improve the configuration of the game set so that it meets your requirements.

  • Financial ceiling setting

    You can independently decide how much money will be spent on the purchase

  • Maximum configuration

    Possibility to choose the brand, performance and other functionality of the components

  • Consultation and advice

    With us, you will receive a comprehensive consultation for each component in the set. We also provide the option to add your own hardware such as HDD/SSD to the assembly.

Operation memory

The size of the operating memory should be at least 8GB for Windows 10. Optimally 16GB for full-fledged work without any compromises. 16GB of memory already allows online streaming of games as well as advanced work with graphics and video.

Hard disk HDD and SSD

First of all, it is important that the PC contains an SSD drive. Without it, today's computers are unusable. The Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems are programmed to work quickly only on SSD (Solid State Drive) disks. On a regular magnetic HDD, the new operating system will always chop and tear, no matter how big the disk is. When the HDD disk is combined with an SSD disk, as with us, the operating system is always installed on the SSD disk and only data is stored on the HDD, so that there is no loss of performance and more data storage capacity is provided at a lower price.

We recommend: 

  • 480GB SSD drive for OS 
  • 2TB HDD for your data (photos, videos, music, backups)

Measuring the performance of graphics cards is quite a science, but we have prepared for you list of graphics cards and their performance, according to objective test results.

Grafic card

The type and size of graphics memory seriously affecting the performance of the game setup. The minimum graphics card memory size for a meaningful gaming PC is at least 4GB.


Processor - CPU is the cornerstone of every computer. Generally, you have choices between AMD and Intel brands. Both brands produce top processors with their own specific features. We cannot generalize and exclusively recommend one of them. We support both under the motto: Long live healthy competition on the market.

Here you will find Processor performance table for gaming computers.

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In the catalog game sets you will also find professional graphics station intended especially for work in the area design, video editing and engineering. If you can't find one, find us do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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