PCPRAHA Overclocking Package

Overclocking improves computer performance beyond the manufacturer's recommended performance. Therefore, it is important to perform it professionally. By overclocking, we change the technical performance settings, processor frequencies, operating memory, video card core, video card memory frequency and timing, and disk access optimization.

PCPRAHA overclocking options

We offer professional computer overclocking, guaranteeing the stability and reliability of the entire system. 

Standard warranty PcPraha Warranty PcPrague No Worries Other companies
Overclocking level Acceleration degree 0 Acceleration phase
CPU overclocking while maintaining warranty Miss up to + 200Mhz Miss
Selection of CPU with good overclocking potential. When assembling, we choose a processor with higher quality ASIC chip. This feature of CPU only affects clocking, it does not affect non-clocked PC. Miss Miss
Selection of GPU with good overclocking potential. When folding, we select GPU with higher quality ASIC chip and better memory. This feature of GPU only affects clocking, it does not affect non-clocked PC. Miss Miss

Overclocking with warranty

From our extensive experience in creating high-performance gaming assemblies and workstations, we know all about extreme computer overclocking. The set clock is controlled by continuous PC stress testing (up to 12 hours) in specialized programs. This allows us to have 100%'s confidence in the stability and reliability of our overclocked systems while maintaining full warranty on all components of the system unit.

Assumptions of acceleration

  • Intel Core K or X processor, optimally with unlocked multiplier
  • Motherboard with Z390 or X299 chipset, Z4XX, Z5XX, Z6XX
  • Effective air or water cooling
  • Game graphics card with improved cooling system
  • Powerful high quality power supply

CPU scalping

In addition to the increase
power overclocking - by changing the voltage and frequency, there is one more option
to increase performance. To this end, to reach the maximum potential
overclocking for processors
Intel Core performs the "scalping" procedure with the subsequent replacement of the standard thermal interface between the heat distributor and the ceramic CPU shell with high-efficiency liquid metal. This allows you to significantly improve heat dissipation from the ceramic part of the processor, lower the core temperature (gain up to 30 ° C), and achieve high overclocking performance without the risk of overheating and degrading the processor. Likewise, reduce assembly noise while maintaining original performance.

Not relevant for 9th-generation Intel Core processors.