PcPRAHA Package Demonstration, presentation and PC connection

Personal collection

In case you choose personal collection of the computer, then the computer will be presented to you before the purchase and presented in stock. We will go through the entire configuration with you and explain the uniqueness and specifics of our solution. This will give you the opportunity to test your computer before purchasing it. Here you will also have the opportunity to ask a few details that interest you. You will receive from us a box to your computer in which you can conveniently carry it home.

Delivery of computer by post / courier / delivery in Prague

If you are far away from us and choose to send a PC, then in such a case your computer will come packed in triple packaging.

  1. The basis will be an original cardboard box from a PC case with polystyrene inside.
  2. This sufficient package will additionally be provided with an additional layer at the most risky points of contact, such as edges and the like.
  3. In addition, a third shock absorbing layer, usually consisting of several layers of blister film, will be added.
  4. In the case of large and powerful Pc graphics cards and passives, the inside of the computer will be filled with antistatic air cushions or similar shipping material to prevent stress on components during training.

In addition to the computer you will receive a box from the motherboard with manuals of other components, stickers from all other components, installation DVDs, cables.

PC connection technician

This service is available only around Prague, so if you are lucky enough to live within driving distance, you can use this service.
After the order is delivered, the PcPrague experts will carry out the check in addition to the check
Configuration also install and initial connect your computer in your home
or at work. They will show you the installed applications and base
functionality of the whole OS.

Power cable to each PC

For each PC we supply a free power cord for the socket at the customer's location.

(beware! this service is only available to residents of Prague area) Standard warranty PcPraha Warranty PcPrague No Worries Other companies
PCPRAHA computer transport
(Prague only)

according to the price list

at a discounted price
Missing / paid
Installation and connection at home or work
(interconnection of main components - monitor, keyboard, mouse)
Startup, demo and validation
(verification of correct configuration according to your order)
Connecting additional equipment
(uninterruptible power supply, webcam, microphone, headphones)
Missing / paid
Assembly and installation of furniture
(game chairs and tables)
Missing / paid

Professional couriers PcPRAHA

Delivery by courier PcPRAHA in Prague is performed by professional couriers, who will not guarantee your shipment and your gaming PC crease, scratch and damage. In addition, they will arrive at the agreed time so that it suits you. Wait for us between 8:00 and 20:00.

Take advantage of our delivery service so that you do not waste time and nerves when picking up your shipments, but only have a smile on your face.

Connection and demonstration

Upon delivery of your order, PcPRAHA specialists, in addition to checking the configuration, will also install and connect the computer in your home or work! It will introduce you to all components and parameters of your new system.

The service includes:

  • Unpacking of all goods from packaging
  • Visual inspection of the computer from inside and outside
  • connection of external hardware (monitor, keyboard, mouse)
  • first start-up and status check
  • verification of the correct configuration according to your order