Joint Investment in Mining (ASIC)

Invest in Mining with Pcpraha: 50% Profit Share! 🚀 – PC PRAGUE

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Showing all 2 results

Invest in Mining with Pcpraha: 50% Profit Share! 🚀 – PC PRAGUE

🎉 Introducing Our New Product! 🎉

Our new investment product allows you to invest in cryptocurrency mining with purchase ASICu, where we will coordinate the purchase and split the costs half and half!

👷 Example ASICat: KS3 9.4TH 👷

  • Price: 564 093 $
  • The best performance: An excellent ratio of price, performance and energy consumption
  • Your Investment: Buy only half the power ASICu – 4,7 TH for 282 CZK with a power of 046w

🤑 Income from Mining 🤑

  • Earnings ASICu: $140 per day
  • Your Share: $70 per day

🏠 Hosting your ASICu 🏠 ASIC will be located in our hosting center in Prague, with plans for future self-hosting in Norway for electricity at 1,4-1,7 CZK per KW.

Why Invest in Only Half the Performance ASICu? 🤔

  1. Better Price: For example, when you buy 6TH, you will pay CZK 20 more.
  2. Smaller Initial Investment: If you do not want to invest a large amount of money in the beginning.

How to Order Half Power? 🛒 Choose from our ready-made products on the website, or choose any ASIC, which you like, and write "50% Investment" in the comment to the order. Then we will contact you and arrange everything necessary.

Are there Minimum or Maximum Investment Limits? 💸 We offer you the option of 50% investment on each ASICu.

How to Track Mining Process and Earn Profits? 📈 You will be informed about the progress of mining and your profits through a link where you will see the estimated daily and monthly earnings, the total amount mined and other useful information.

🚀 Innovation On The Horizon! 🚀 Our new product will soon offer even more options for your cryptocurrency investments!