A gaming computer under CZK 25 is a universal solution for work and gaming. The machines will appeal to both experienced gamers and beginners who want to get a quality and productive PC at an affordable price.

PCPRAHA offers for purchase a PC set up to 25 CZK, built on the basis of components from top manufacturers. The configuration of the assemblies is chosen to maximize the potential of the hardware.

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Displaying all 13 results

To build a gaming PC under 25 CZK, our engineers use:

Latest Intel Core i3, i5, Ryzen 5, 7 processors;
The best graphics cards in their price segment: GeForce RTX and AMD

Gaming machines guarantee stable high-resolution graphics, ideal for stutter-free operation and lag-free gaming. The assembly of a computer up to 25 thousand is completely carried out by one master on his personal responsibility, then each PC is tested. The basic warranty is 000-2 years.