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Computers for office and home - a wide range in the online store PCPRAHA.

Office computer: features

An office computer differs from a gaming machine in its features and functionality. Due to the specifics of the work, there are minimum requirements for equipment for video playback and audio transmission. Exception: PC for the office of an advertising or media company.

The performance of the computer should be at a high level due to the large amount of processed textual information. Standard programs (Word, Excel, and others) are installed to perform work tasks, which do not take up much space on the system disk.

Office computer: specifications

Do you want to buy an office PC in Prague? The PCPRAHA online store presents original products with an official warranty. Exclusive price offers.

Specifications for selection:

Processor (minimum 2 cores at 64 cycles per second);
RAM (expert reviews: 8-16 GB is enough);
graphics card (motherboard with built-in video core copes with tasks);
hard disk (512GB-1TB is enough to create a complete document archive);
power supply (from 400 W).

The work equipment can be supplemented with a removable device that allows you to extend the functionality. Performance ergonomics: an important parameter when choosing.