Collection order for complaints

1.00 149.00  incl. VAT

Collection order for complaints
Collection order for complaints 1.00 149.00  incl. VAT
✔️ Easy return with PPL carrier within 14 days.
✔️ 24 months warranty
✔️ Repair guarantee within 5 working days
Secure card payment


Order the collection of your damaged equipment conveniently from anywhere (valid throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia).

For your damaged / naughty computer, our contract carrier PPL will come and bring it to our premises.

To file a complaint, proceed as follows:


  1. In case of problems, you can contact us in advance, preferably by phone, chat on our site, Facebook Messenger, or by email. Most problems occur often only by phone.
  2. Fill in the description of the defect / problem in the note on the collection order.
  3. Carefully pack the computer, place a copy of the warranty card in the box, and double-wrap the corners of the box.

Important note:
The warranty does not cover software defects (damage to the Windows operating system, viruses, etc.), but only hardware defects! Don't get me wrong, but we can't take responsibility for computer viruses, malware, and software bugs caused by using your PC. In any case, we will solve these problems for you within the service, where we have very low prices for you, as we know our computers very well and we can make repairs efficiently.
In case of software errors, send the device for repair, not for a complaint. Collection free of charge can be applied only in case of a complaint (hardware defect). In the case of collection for repair, we charge only a part of the costs incurred for transport at PPL, usually 299 CZK with VAT for transport to and from us (2 x 149.50 CZK).
Among other things, the warranty also does not apply to unprofessional interventions in the PC by the customer (eg often "scattered" BIOS setup settings due to added custom components, etc.). In that case, the collection is also charged.
It is necessary to pack the goods for the complaint properly in order to avoid damage during transport. Despite our warnings, we often receive really inappropriately packaged shipments.

Address for sending goods for a complaint (if you do not use the collection from us):

PcPraha computers - Konishev
Opletalova 20
11000 Prague
tel: +420 792 480 835

  • the product for ordering a pick-up for a complaint is set at CZK 1, as the e-shop does not allow you to order goods worth CZK 0. Of course, you will not pay anything and you do not have to.
  • goods are necessary pack properlyto prevent damage during transport (improperly packaged shipments often arrive). Describe with the word "FRAGILE".
  • package your next business day. up to two days, the PPL courier will pick you up from you and hand over the confirmation of receipt, he will affix the package himself with a shipping label with a delivery address

Additional information

Type of Service

Collection for Complaints - free of charge, Collection for Repair / Service


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