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Mining Rig 4x RTX 3090

123, 635.54 CZK | 123, 635.54 CZK without WAT


An Intel Celeron G5920 processor was used for this system. This processor was combined with the RTX 3090 and the performance achieved is: 481 mmMH/s to ETH

Revenue - $29.09 per day, $872.77 per month


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Mining Rig 4x RTX 3090
Mining Rig 4x RTX 3090 273, 123.97 CZK 123, 635.54 CZK | 123, 635.54 CZK without WAT
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About the system:

SilverStone Strider S Gold ST1500-GS 1500W

Intel Celeron G5920


Operation memory:
Certified Gaming memory 1x8GB DDR4 3200MHz

Grafic card:
6x RTX 3090

Mining Construction:

Steel construction

PCI-Express riser:


Power: 481 MH / s

Consumption from the socket - 1.227W

Currently on 10.06.2021.

Revenue - $29.09 per day, $872.77 per month

We will set up a wallet on the spot. HiveOs or RaveOs or your OS.

We will help the novice miner to create an account, create a wallet and show the operator and the machine in operation. (everything is ready, set for trouble-free functionality).

All cards are overclocked in a golden ratio style between consumption / performance / thermal profile.



Gaming computers of the Pc Praha brand. The best solution in the Czech Republic and the EU. Pro gaming computers and mining rigand Asici.


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