Mining rig for beginners x3 w5700 - 430w
Mining rig for beginners x3 w5700 - 430w
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Mining rig for beginners x3 w5700 - 430w

68 ,865.50  incl. VAT

Mining rig for beginners x3 w5700 - 430w
Mining capacity: 170 MH / s at ETH
4578 CZK per month / 55687 CZK per year. Currently on (28.04.2022).
Warranty: 24 months
Consumption from the wall: 430w

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✔️ 24 months warranty
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Mining rig for beginners x3 w5700 - 430w

Mining rig for beginners with the possibility of expansion to 8 graphite cards. 

From the base, the rig contains 3 pieces of W5700 8GB and achieves an output of 170 Mh / s with consumption from a 430w socket.

Rig is ready in style - men try it as a source of investment and I don't have to pay over 200k just to test whether I like to benefit or not.

Cryptocurrency not for everyone but rig is your pillow against it when you buy a crypto and it immediately fails.   

You can expand your mining output slowly

Card by card and you have a farm!


430w - 170 MH / s

Yield per month: 4578 CZK

Currently on (28.04.2022).

You can expand the Mining rig by 5 extra w5700 8gb cards and you will have a total output of 440 Mh / s + and a consumption of 1200w.

We'll set the wallet in place.

HiveOs or RaveOs or your OS to control the mining rig.

We will set up the rig together with you so that you have an overview of how it works.

We will help the novice miner to open an account, open a wallet and show the operator and the machine running. (everything is ready, set up for trouble-free functionality).

All cards have a tuned overclock in gold cut style between consumption / power / thermal profile.

Parameters and specifications:

Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G3930T @ 2.70GHz


Q270 Pro BTC+ ASRock

operation memoryOperation memory:
Certified 1x8GB DDR4 memory

Grafic cardGrafic card:
3 pcs HP VGA W5700 8GB - 170 MH / s

MINING POWER supply 1600-1800 WATT

Computer caseComputer case:
High quality 4U mining case for 6x to 8x graphics cards

16GB - Flash drive

Processor heatsink:Processor heatsink:

Performance: 170 Mh / s

Consumption from the socket - 420w

Retrieved from per month: 4578 CZK

Currently on (28.04.2022).

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Mining rig for beginners x3 w5700 - 430w




Gaming computers of the Pc Praha brand. The best solution in the Czech Republic and the EU. Pro gaming computers and mining rigs and Asici.

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what is the actual energy consumption during extraction?Back to product
asked by Anonymous on 2022-04-29 12:50:06
1 answers shown
  1. As stated in the product. It's about 430W. If you add more cards, then it will increase, but it will also increase revenue.
    Adam Beňo - Expert answered on 2022-04-29 14:54:32