Respilator Refil FFP3 750 NR D without valve
Respilator Refil FFP3 750 NR D without valve
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Respilator Refil FFP3 750 NR D without valve

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Made in Czech Republic - Czech company. 

Highest possible protection class FFP3.

The best respirator on the market.

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✔️ 24 months warranty
✔️ Repair guarantee within 5 working days
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Refil FFP3 750 NR D valveless respirator for men and women - supplied to hospitals

Stock left over from the hospital delivery.
The only certified FFP3 valveless respirator along with the 3M Aura on the market that has been tested and is truly certified. 

Made in Czech Republic - Czech company - None fake.
Very comfortable to wear.
Filter Type: FFP3
Hospital supplies are not threatened by this sale. 
99% protection of the carrier and surroundings

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Bird flu respirator.
NR - indicates a disposable respirator (only for one shift)
D - indicates compliance with clogging resistance requirements
FFP3 = provides protection against solid, less toxic particles.
The maximum permissible concentration of pollutants must not exceed 50 times the NPK-P value.
EN 149: 2001
CE marking
Protection class: FFP3
Protection factor: 50x NPK-P
Protection against: fine dust, liquid aerosols based on water and oil, metal fumes
Agricultural industry and forestry
Manufacturing industry (tobacco industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, rubber industry, plastics, processing and production of other non-metallic mineral products, foundry industry, electrical engineering industry, engineering industry, automotive industry, repair)
Work activites:
Mechanical work and machine operation (stone work, earthenware / ceramic work, metal grinding & polishing, cutting, drilling)
Waste / Removal / Cleaning / Maintenance
Work in clean rooms / Laboratories (work with pharmaceutical / toxic powders, work in the laboratory)
Outdoor and construction work (outdoor work, site preparation, site work, insulation, Asbestos - Inspection, Asbestos removal and work, road work, cement work, forest / garden work, agricultural work, pesticide spraying)
Work risks:
Respiratory system
Dry particles
Water and oil based aerosols
download link certificates and declarations of conformity:
Technical data sheet 750

1 review for Respirátor Refil FFP3 750 NR D bez ventilu

  1. Lukos -

    Best fitting respirator. Thick and soft. The same one they use at Thomayer Hospital in Prague. You can even use it repeatedly until it gets wet - like 2-3 days.

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Can I buy it outside the health care system?❓Back to product
asked by Michal Beňo on 2021-05-10 06:05:11
1 answers shown
  1. Yes, from 1.1.2021 it can be used outside the healthcare sector. Although it is still used in healthcare. For example, in Motol Hospital. ???
    Michal Beňo answered on 2021-05-10 06:08:30