Lepu Medical SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit 25pcs
Lepu Medical SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit 25pcs
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Lepu Medical SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit 25pcs

2 ,290.00  incl. VAT

The test is approved for self-testing on the basis of an exception from the Ministry of Health

Test for antigen against SARS-CoV-2 by nasal swab.

  • Immunochromatography with colloidal gold
  • Producer: Lepu Medical
  • Packing: 25 tests
  • Non-invasive

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The test is approved for self-testing on the basis of an exception from the Ministry of Health

List of exceptions HERE.


PAYMENTS OF THE INSURANCE COMPANY - Manufacturer of antigen tests for which the Ministry has issued an exemption pursuant to Section 4, Paragraph 8 of Government Decree No. 56/2015 Coll.
According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, you do not have to buy tests only from registered companies, but you only need to use the approved tests (make, type, manufacturer) of the MZCR. Detailed instructions

can be found here…https://www.mpo.cz/cz/rozcestnik/informace-o-koronavirus/pruvodce-testovanim-ve-firmach–259808/

Gentle swab from the front of the nose, non-invasive, easy to use, fast result in 15min. Sensitivity 95,06%, specificity 99,62%.

  • Stable
  • Non-invasive
  • 5 phase test
  • Highly sensitive
  • immunochromatography with colloidal gold

Video tutorial for use:

The kit contains test cards, instructions for use, sampling rods and
reaction buffer. Each individual package contains a detection card and a bag
with desiccant.
Test principle:
This test kit detects the specific antigen of the SARS-CoV-2 virus
by an immunoassay reaction that utilizes antigen-antibody binding.
The test card consists of a conjugation pad with a monoclonal antibody
labeled with colloidal gold against SARS-CoV-2 protein N, pads for
sample, nitrocellulose membranes (quality control area (C) is coated
goat anti-mouse antibody; the test area (T) is coated with a monoclonal
antibody against N protein SARS-CoV-2), absorbent paper and hydrophobic
reinforcement cards.
During the assay, the N protein from the sample binds to the conjugation plate
a colloidal gold-labeled monoclonal antibody against this protein.
The antigen complex with bound labeled antibody then migrates
rising towards the test area. There is a complex in the test area (T)
subsequently captured with an immobilized monoclonal antibody against
N protein. The intensity of the color in the test area corresponds to the degree of capture
complex, i.e. the amount of N protein in the sample. If the sample does not contain
virus or its amount is below the limit of detection, for staining by the test
area (T) does not occur. In the field of quality control (C), regardless of
the presence or absence of the virus should reveal a purple color.
The presence of color in the quality control area (C) is a sign of addition
sufficient amount of sample and correct chromatographic performance
Storage and shelf life:
If the kit is stored at 4 ° C – 30 ° C, dry and protected from
sunlight, the shelf life is 18 months.
The test card should be used within 1 hour of opening the package.
The date of manufacture and expiration date are indicated on the package label.
Sample requirements:
This product is suitable for testing human specimens - nasal swabs or
Observe hygiene procedures during sampling,
use appropriate protection and avoid direct contact with the sample.
In case of accidental contact, take the necessary precautions as soon as possible
perform disinfection.
Nasal swab: Fully insert the head of the swab into the nostril and 5 times
turn gently. Then repeat the procedure for the other nose with the same stick
hole. This will ensure that a sufficient amount of sample is taken.
Nasopharyngeal swab: Tilt the patient's head slightly. Swab head
insert the rods through the nostril at a distance corresponding to the distance from
nostrils to the ear. Gently turn the stick 5 times and leave it in place at least
3 seconds. This absorbs the sample onto the rod. Then turn the stick
slowly remove.
Sample storage: Perform the test no later than 1 hour after sampling.
If the sample was stored refrigerated, it should reach before analysis
room temperature.

Testing method:
Read the instructions for use carefully before testing. Make sure they all
the components of the test kit and the sample are at room temperature.
1. When testing, place the card on a flat surface and do not move the card.
2. To prevent the adhesive tape cover, remove it before testing
possible spillage of buffer.
3. Follow the standard sampling procedure for sampling
from the nose or from a nasopharyngeal swab. Insert the entire sampling rod head
into the nostril and turn gently at least 5 times. Use the same stick then procedure
repeat for the other nostril. Follow these steps to secure your subscription
sufficient sample.
4. In the following procedure, be sure to drip the solution into the correct one
5. Insert the head of the sampling rod through the bottom of the well (B) into the top
wells (A). Then add 6 drops of reaction buffer to the upper well (A) and 2x
turn the swab rod clockwise and counterclockwise.
6. Then flip the left side of the card to the right and press gently
in place of the adhesive tape to join the two halves of the card. Start measuring
time. Wait until a purple line appears. Read the test result after
15 to 20 minutes.

Packing: 25pcs


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