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Respirator FS-0 / 30V FFP3 NR D

Respirator FS-0 / 30V FFP3 NR D


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It is the first product certified in Poland that over time meets the requirements for variable penetration. These requirements are contained in the formal draft standard EN 143: 2000, which describes the test methodology related to EN 149: 2001. Half masks are tested with two types of aerosol, ie sodium chloride aerosol and paraffin oil mist for three minutes. Most filter masks available on the market have been tested by the same method, but the uniqueness of the FS-30V FFP3 NR D half mask lies in the fact that it withstands an hour test (paraffin oil mist), after which it does not lose its protective properties. The mist of paraffin oil has a very destructive effect on the filter material used to make half masks. The endurance test of the mask and compliance with other requirements of the standard means high product quality. The new test method is also important for users. It increases product requirements and thus increases safety in the workplace. It seems that as the filtration efficiency increases, the resistance of the air stream must increase. However, the filter respirators submitted to the competition managed to keep the airflow resistance relatively low, which has a significant effect on the user's comfort.


FFP3 fitlr. The highest possible protection.

The high concentration of respirable dust used for welding and soldering protects against dust containing beryllium, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, radium, strychnine, radioactive particles.

Another benefits:
The used exhaust valve allows to freely get rid of excess steam and carbon dioxide from under the camouflage mask, which increases the user's comfort and prolongs its life.

For respiratory protection against dust, fumes, mist, solid aerosols and liquid aerosols up to 30 x NDS.

Half mask FS-30V FFP3 D is made exclusively from Polish raw materials and can be packaged in various ways according to customer requirements.

Needle nonwoven polypropylene-polyester
Meltblown nonwoven polypropylene material
Nose clamp for sealing the half mask in the nose
Straps for straps for adjusting the length of the head strap
Headband tape
Polyurethane foam seal
Exhaust valve
Class: P1
NDS: 30 x NDS
Standard: EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009
Certificate: CE issued by BIA-Germany



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