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Revolution in the Use of Solar Energy with Cryptocurrency Mining by PCPraha

Nowadays, when more and more households and companies are equipped with solar panels, the question arises: What is the best way to use excess electricity? One of the most interesting options is cryptocurrency mining, which represents an effective combination of modern technologies with renewable resources. Our company, PCPraha, offers specially designed ASIC miners that are optimized to use solar power and [...]

Nový ASIC Miner Box: A revolutionary solution for quiet home cryptocurrency mining

As part of our continuous effort to innovate and improve the conditions for domestic cryptocurrency mining, we are happy to announce the launch of our latest product – ASIC Miner Box. This innovative product is designed to significantly reduce the noise generated by your ASIC mining equipment, allowing convenient mining right from your home. Key properties ASIC Miner Box Effective noise reduction: […]

PCPraha introduces a new dedicated platform for anti-noise solutions in crypto mining:

We are excited to announce exciting news at the company PCPraha – the launch of our brand new website, which is specifically built to meet the growing demand for noise reduction solutions in the cryptocurrency industry. This initiative marks a significant milestone in our commitment to provide high quality specialty products to our customers. Improve your mining experience with Miner Boxes V […]


ASIC new generation KAS KS5 21.5 TH

ASIC new generation KAS KS5 21.5 TH Announcement of ASIC new generation KAS Company Bitmain recently announced the release of a new model ASIC miner marked KS5. This model represents the latest advancement in cryptocurrency mining technology and offers exceptional performance and efficiency. Specifications Bitmain KS5: Hashrate: 21,5 TH Power: Estimated ~3600 watts (confirmation pending) Delivery: Expected […]

Top 5 Investments for 2024: Where to Put Your Money?

The coming year 2024 promises many opportunities for investors. With economic fluctuations and technological advancements on the horizon, it's important to keep track of the best options for where to put your funds. That is why we have prepared a list of five top investments that you should consider for this year. Read our guide to find out what the options might be for […]

Look into the Heart PCPraha: Exclusive Tour of Our Office

Prague, 24 January 1 – PCPraha, a leading cryptocurrency and mining technology company, is pleased to present an exclusive video tour of its office. This video reveals the fascinating world behind the technology and innovation driving the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Tour of Repair and Testing Stations During the video, viewers will get a unique view of our main work spaces, [...]

Weekly Review: #1 Most Profitable Crypto Mining Machines

In the last week, the cryptocurrency market has once again been abuzz with discussions about the most efficient mining machines. In our latest video, we focused on two specific models that lead in terms of profitability: KS3 from BitMain and KS3m from Iceriver. This article provides a summary of the key information we presented in the video. Details of the KS3 and KS3m Machines are currently […]

We Reveal The Truth About AI Trading in Cryptocurrencies: What You Should Know

Various innovations and trading methods are emerging in the cryptocurrency world, including those that use artificial intelligence (AI). Our latest video covers the topic of AI trading and provides important information on why you should be careful. How Does AI Trading Work and Why Is Skepticism Needed? AI trading relies on the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence [...]

Getting Started with Cryptocurrency Mining: A Practical Guide for Newbies

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the financial world and more and more people are looking for ways to get involved in this innovative field. If you are a beginner in cryptocurrency mining, our new video is just for you. We bring you a complete guide from start to finish to make your first steps easier. How to get started with cryptocurrency mining from A to Z […]

KASPA: The New King of Cryptocurrencies? Why you shouldn't miss our latest analysis!

Kaspa – a word that has been resonating with the crypto community lately. Is really Kaspa the new Bitcoin? Our latest video dives into this exciting topic, providing in-depth analysis and offering answers that no investor or cryptocurrency fan should miss. In our detailed video "KASPA THERE IS THE NEW BITCOIN! Don't fall asleep Another Chance…” we bring you an exclusive look at […]

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