Guarantee package PcPraha Bez-worries

We have merged all the PCPRAHA warranty packages offered so far into one warranty, namely the package PcPraha Bez-worries (also referred to as PcPraha Bez-Starostí, PcPRAHA Bez-Starostí, PPB, PP Bezstarostí). 

This warranty is in effect from one / two to five years.

What is the difference between PcPRAHA BezStarostí warranty and other companies?

Customers who have experienced a computer repair at least once will appreciate it all servicesthat we offer in this package.

Terms and our service obligations PcPrague No Worries

Standard warranty PcPraha Warranty PcPrague No Worries Other companies
Warranty period 2 years 2 years - 5 years 1-2 years
Deadline for problem solving
(after contacting tel, email, Messenger)
within 10 days 1 day 30 days and sometimes not at all
Time of complaint handling
(after the computer is delivered for service based on diagnostic results)
within 30 days immediately - generally 1 day within 30 days
Providing replacement computer for a fee No
High performance spare computer for a fee No
Free problem diagnosis for a fee No
Remote computer repair. for a fee No
Premium after-warranty service No
Upgrade your PC for free for a fee No
Purchase of PC and individual components No
Remote assistance with PC problem. for a fee No
Discounted price of non-guarantee service according to the price list No
Replace defective components with new ones sometimes repairs