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Riot Blockchain launches 1GW mining farm in Texas

The US mining company Riot Blockchain has announced plans for a massive expansion in the Navarro district of Texas. The new mining farm consumes 1 GW of energy. Riot Blockchain is expanding rapidly through hardware installation at Whinstone Farm in Rockdale. At the moment, the farm consumes 400 MW, but in the future it is expected to increase the capacity of the plant to 750 MW. Once […]

GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics card memory was overclocked above 24 GHz - mining speed increased to 134 Mhash / s

The GDDR6X memory of the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti flagship graphics card was overclocked to 1538 MHz. Thus, its data transfer rate increased from 21 to 24.6 Gb / s per contact and the throughput of the entire memory subsystem increased from 1008 to 1181 Gb / s. The experiment was performed by the TweakTown portal. Its goal was to test the possibility of overclocking the new 16 gigabit Micron memory chips in […]

Windows 11 has found "God's mode." How to turn it on

With hidden mode, managing all OS settings is much easier. Basically, God Mode is just a folder containing shortcuts to all the operating system options available in Control Panel. This option is useful because it allows quick access to the required parameters without having to go through the confusing control panel interface. All items in the folder are sorted and grouped, […]

Micron boss says chip shortage will last until 2023

SSD and memory prices to rise soon While European graphics card prices are gradually falling towards the recommended price, Micron's boss says prices of some other PC components may rise. In an interview with Fox Business, he said that there are components that will improve in scarcity during 2022, but there are also some that will be in short supply in 2023. He explained [...]

List of the best ASICs for mining - market analysis

Those involved in mining know that specialized devices called ASICs have the highest performance. They are reliable and highly efficient, though less versatile than GPU farms. The first integrated circuits were developed back in 2012. Soon they completely displaced graphics cards from bitcoin mining, and over the next few years they took control of a number of other blockchain ecosystems [...]

Mining rigs by power

List of mining rigs and graphics card yields for 2022 Comparison of mining rigs and list of individual values This table compares all mining rigs by graphics card type from best to worst. This list is a collection of almost every combination released in the last ten years. We used the best from NVIDIA and AMD. The main indicator [...]


Ethereum and Proof of Stake

Until when will ETH really benefit? And what is proof of Stake ?? Estimated Proof of Stake: 2025 Never. At the beginning of the article, we will explain what "Proof of Stake" actually is.

Game computer for War Thunder

War Thunder is a multiplayer tank simulator in which you can also control ships and planes. The game covers the period of the Second World War and the Cold War, thanks to which the time frame is very wide. It is developed by the Russian company Gaijin Entertainment and was released in 2012. War Thunder is based on the Free-to-Play system, which in the reference project World of […]

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