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Gaming computers with the best price guarantee in the Czech Republic
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Gaming computers

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Our latest gaming PCs and gaming rigs


The main goal is to offer gaming PC sets with the best ratio of price to quality and performance. And so that you can always get your hands on a more powerful PC at an increasing price.

Custom PC with free consultation

With us, you are not alone in your computer problems. Our team of professional computer enthusiasts will be happy to provide you with technical advice when choosing a computer and technical support with a PC or mining machine.

Warranty: 2 years

We provide a warranty of at least 2 years. In addition, we will help you with the setup for free. We can resolve complaints immediately within the next day for free.

14 days free return logo white bg

14 day money back guarantee

You have at least 14 days to try out the products, during which time you can return the order at any time and we will refund your money.

Professional PC assembly

We employ only professionals High build quality Assembling complex water cooling systems Competent laying of all cables

Special testing

Comprehensive inspection of the whole system Stress test hours of all components Cyclic loading in test programs Evaluation of performance in tests Provision of a test report

Safe packing

PCPRAHA - maximum protection for your PC.
In addition, the package will be covered with an additional layer at the most risky points of contact, such as edges and the like.

Our latest gaming and office laptops.

We assemble gaming computers to order according to the client's requirements for both Intel and AMD processor fans

Intel Core is the model designation for Intel's mid-range to high-end consumer, hobbyist, and workstation microprocessors. This designation replaced the previous designation of mid-range and high-end Pentium processors, which became, together with Celeron, the designation of a lower class of processors.

This designation first appeared on processors based on Pentium M architecture P6 mobile processors released in 2003. For the Intel Core architecture, the Intel Core 2 designation was then extended to all consumer processors except the weaker Celerons and Pentiums. Starting with the Nehalem architecture, the designations Core i5 and Core i7 appeared, which denote upper middle and upper class, this designation (i3, i5, i7 and i9) is still used today. The Core i3 designation first appeared on Westmere processors and marks the lower middle class.


AMD is one of the most important manufacturers of processors and other computer components. Although it has not fared very well compared to Intel in recent years, with the advent of the new Zen 3 architecture and CPUs codenamed Ryzen, the card is slowly turning around. AMD thus managed to catch up with Intel and supplemented its portfolio with high-performance and energy-efficient processors, which were so lacking in their offer. Now everyone can choose from the range of AMD processors, and it doesn't matter whether you play the latest games, edit videos, program or use office applications.

Investment or mining activity?

Today, mining can be considered a business and a good investment of your money. If you have people working for you in any other business, then in mining you have a robot (computer) working for you. Which sometimes needs to be cleaned and checked to make sure it doesn't get too hot. On Pcpraha you can choose from a wide range of mining rigs depending on your pocket.

Our most popular mining rigs

ASIC mining

The abbreviation ASIC means "Special Purpose Integrated Circuit" in Czech. In fact, ASIC miners use the same operating principle as classic GPU farms. They perform complex calculations according to a certain algorithm, decrypt the blockchain and fill its individual blocks, which leads to the creation of new coins in the system.

Brands we stock

We select the best ones with the best ratio of price, performance and quality.

Gaming computers in the Czech Republic

Not every computer can be considered a gaming computer. Special components are developed and processed for gaming. In addition, other features, ergonomics and hardware options will vary. And even not every computer, even at the same price, will be equally powerful.

Our goal is to compose game sets so that the price always corresponds to the performance.

Today's gaming computers require not only super performance, but for your money you would get a design that fits into the interior in terms of color, backlighting or form of construction. The main thing is not to forget when choosing a design also cooling, which you have to deal with in every computer, and it doesn't matter if the computer is the cheapest or the most expensive. A bad choice of cooling will cause high temperatures and an extremely noisy computer, even in an office setup. For gaming machines, we minimize noise in several ways proven by practice.

-What purposes will the computer serve? Rendering? Gaming? Streaming?

– What games will I want to play?

– What budget can I set aside for its purchase?

– What screen resolution will I want to play at?

If you're going to play casual games like Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege or Fortnite, you don't need a powerful computer even at the highest settings. We have several ready-made game sets for you. The price range of such a computer is from 15,000 CZK and up to 25,000 CZK.

But new games like Cyberpunk 2077, Metro Exodus or Call of Duty Modern Warfare will need a powerful setup. Here you have to keep in mind that you will pay more for a computer than 25,000 CZK. For extremely powerful assemblies, including water cooling, the amounts can be borderline CZK 100,000. But everything depends on your budget and what exactly you want from your computer.

Gaming computers have the advantage that they can easily handle office work, which never works well on the contrary. You can also use such a computer for ordinary purposes such as studying, working in Photoshop, quick video editing and also for other more or less complex purposes.

In the ideal case, we recommend you to buy a medium computer that can handle your demanding games in full HD or 2K and keep all "MOBA" games in 4K at 60FPS without problems. A medium computer is a machine worth between CZK 30,000 and CZK 40,000.

Free transport

When purchasing over CZK 70,000

Easy 14 day returns

14 day money back guarantee

International warranty

Standard Warranty duration 2 years

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