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Mining calculator ETH - Ethereum

Ethereum mining profitability calculator.

Calculate the profitability of your mining valid for this hour. The calculator will give you the exact value of how much money and crypto you will extract from the day, month and year.

The accuracy of the calculator is + – 100%, it is accurate.

How to fill out the calculator

Hashing Power – Enter the computing power of the mini rig, machine, or computer.

Pool Fee – the fee you pay to the pool. If you don't know, vote 0.

Maintenance – Rig maintenance fee. Rigs have a fee from us 0. Therefore write 0.

Hardware – Pamortization price of a mining rig / 2. It can generally be assumed that in 2 years it will have at least half its sales value.

Power Usage – Mining rig consumption in Watts. On average, it is around 900W.

Mining calculator - EHT


What affects the profitability of mining

During the day, the profitability changes depending on how many people mine the same cryptocurrency and with what performance.

  1. The more people mine, the lower the profitability, as you share the reward of the mined block and the reward of transaction verification together.
  2. On the other hand, when the attractiveness of the currency is lower, caused for example by a drop in its value, fewer people are motivated to mine it and your mining profitability will increase.
  3. The virtual currency rate also affects the price. The higher it is, the higher your reward. In addition, it increases the reward and the amount of transactions on the network at a given moment.
  4. The more virtual currency is used, the more transactions each block needs to be signed and verified, and this is what the mineral - mining machines do automatically when a new block is discovered. This fee, which other users around the world pay for making a transaction, goes to you - mineron.

Ethereum won't just disappear.

Ethereum has seen an enormous increase in market price since its inception. Its price keeps rising and is accompanied by big falls and even bigger rises.

Sometimes it's hard to maintain sentiment when you see a 10% drop in a day, but on the other hand it's always compensated by days when it goes up 15%. Ethereum will be with us for the next 10 years. We do not expect its transition to Proof of Stake.

Ethereum is liquid and can be exchanged very easily on the stock exchange or anonymously in person with us for Czech Korunas or Euros.

Fingers crossed.

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