At we do everything possible to get exactly the goods you ordered and in the highest quality in time and in 100% state. If this does not happen for any reason, follow these steps:

The goods in the shipment do not match the goods on the purchase document

Call the number immediately
792 480 835

The transport packaging is visibly damaged mechanically

In the event of any damage to the transport packaging, write down the damage record in the transport report with the driver. A damage record is a mustif you do not write it, contact the courier and insist on writing it later.

Have you received the damaged shipment and found out the damage after the carrier left?

Czech Post

Czech Post
  • Claim the shipment at the latest the next working day at the Czech Post branch.
  • Take the complete package, invoice and ID card.
  • At the post office, they will write a record of the damage and claim the damages (according to the conditions of the Czech Post, the customer becomes the owner of the consignment after receiving the consignment).
  • The postal complaint is handled directly by you.
  • In the event of failure to meet the timely reporting of damage, the customer runs the risk of rejecting the claim.



PPL carrier

  • No later than 7 days from the receipt of the shipment report to the info line 225 331 800 or by e-mail [email protected].
  • Failure to report damage within three days of receipt of the shipment exposes you to the risk of rejecting the claim.



  • No later than 2 days write the damage record after receiving the shipment on the carrier's website.
  • Then immediately send the goods back to together with a copy of the invoice and a cover letter.
  • If you do not have access to the Internet, contact us at 792 480 835, where the operator will solve the situation with you.
  • Failure to report damage within two days of receipt of the shipment exposes you to the risk of rejecting the claim.