Ordering a computer from us PC Praha is more cost-effective than buying a similar configuration at the nearest wholesale store such as Alza, CPC, and the like. With a single password: For the same money you get more music and FPS. We offer already assembled computer sets, or you can have a PC made-to-measure to meet your requirements.

Game computer configurator

Fold your computer exactly according to your ideas in our game configurator.
You do not have to worry about everything described and we will verify the correct configuration.

Benefits of custom-made computer

A custom-made computer perfectly matches what you need for it. However, we recommend you look around in already offered sets. In any case, we will always advise you on how to improve the configuration of the game set to suit your requirements.

You can also find professional graphic stations designed especially for design, video editing and engineering. If you don't find one, then do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Advantages of individual assembly include:

  • independently decide how much money will be spent on the purchase;
  • tailor-made brand, performance and other functionality of components;
  • get comprehensive consultation on each component of the assembly. Possibility to add your own hardware such as your own HDD / SSD hard disk or TV card to the set.

Basic parameters of the gaming computer.

If you want to estimate the performance of a computer report at least approximately independently, then focus on processor frequency and RAM. These two parameters affect the performance of the PC assembly most. In game sets, there is one more important parameter - the size of the graphics memory of the graphics card and its system of rengen processor. It should be at least 4 GB.

Operation memory

The memory size should be minimal 8GB for Windows 10. Optimally 16GB for full-featured work without compromises. 16GB of memory already allows online streaming of games and advanced work with graphics and video.


First, it is important that the PC contains SSD disk. Without this, current computers are useless. Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 10 are programmed to work swiftly on solid state drives (SSDs). On a conventional magnetic HDD, the new operating system will always mow and tear, no matter how big it is. When HDD is combined with SSD, so in our country, the operating system is always installed on SSD disk and only the data is stored on the HDD so that there is no loss of performance and that the storage capacity is available at an everlasting cost. 

As practice shows, the amount of games, photos and videos decreases the free space in the computer PC set, so higher capacity will not make you compromise.

We recommend: 

  • 480GB SSD for Operating System 
  • 2TB HDD for your data (photos, videos, music, backups)

GPU graphics card

The type and size of the graphics memory severely affects the performance of the game assembly. 

The minimum amount of video card memory for a meaningful gaming computer is at least 4 GB

Measuring performance of graphics cards is quite a science, but we have prepared for you a list of video cards and their performance, according to objective test results.


Processor - The CPU is the cornerstone of any computer. Generally, you have a choice between AMD and Intel. Both brands produce top processors having their own specific processors. We cannot flat-rate and exclusive recommend one of them. We are cheering for both slogans: Long live healthy competition in the market.

Here you will find Processor performance table for gaming computers.

We will advise you

Remote problem detection

Call us and we will be happy to advise you.

You can use to order an individual gaming computer set catalog with ready-made solutions as a basis and call usor he wrotewhat changes, changes, enhancements, or installation of your own hardware would you like.

We provide free cloud consulting and service for every PC you purchase.