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Mining machine 8x Radeon Pro W5700 – 440 MH/s

130, 416.19 CZK | 130, 416.19 CZK without WAT

Mining machine 8x Radeon Pro W5700 – 440 MH/s. Really high performance: 440 MH/s to ETH – CZK 12278 per month/ CZK 147 per year. currently on (10.02.2022).

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Mining machine 8x Radeon Pro W5700 – 440 MH/s
Mining machine 8x Radeon Pro W5700 - 440 MH/s 203, 861.07 CZK 130, 416.19 CZK | 130, 416.19 CZK without WAT

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Mining machine W5700 PRO 8X – 440 MH/s

parameters and specifications:

Ryzen 3 1200

B450 Mining Edition 6x PCI-E

operation memoryOperation memory:
Certified Gaming memory 1x8GB DDR4

Grafic cardGrafic card:
8 pcs HP VGA AMD Radeon Pro W5700 8GB - 440 MH/s

MINING Source POWER 1600-1800 WATT

Computer caseComputer case:
Quality mining cabinet in 4U design for 6x to 8x graphics cards

120GB – Hive OS

CPU Cooler:CPU Cooler:

Performance: 440 Mh/s

Consumption from the socket - 1080w

Yield per month: CZK 12278

Currently on (10.02.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX).

We will set up a wallet on the spot. HiveOs or RaveOs or your OS.

We will help the novice miner to create an account, create a wallet and show the operator and the machine in operation. (everything is ready, set for trouble-free functionality).

All cards are overclocked in a golden ratio style between consumption / performance / thermal profile.

How to fill out the calculator

hashing power – Enter the computing power of the minigo rigu , machine or computer.

Pool Fee – the fee you pay to the pool. If you don't know, vote 0.

Maintenance – Maintenance fee rigu. Rigy have a fee from us 0. Therefore write 0.

Hardware – Pmining cut price rigu / 2. It can generally be assumed that in 2 years it will have at least half its sales value.

Power Usage – Mining consumption rigu in Watts. On average, it is around 900W.



Gaming computers of the Pc Praha brand. The best solution in the Czech Republic and the EU. Pro gaming computers and mining rigand Asici.

2 review Mining machine 8x Radeon Pro W5700 – 440 MH/s

  1. Karel M. -

    Bought 2 pieces, complete satisfaction, everything is set and works as it should.

  2. Yegor Konyshev (verified owner) -

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