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This is an essential part of your PC. A place where the soul of a computer or operating system is hidden. Its parameters greatly affect the response of your PC and its choice is very important. For our PCs, it is basically always a matter of configuring the SSD for the operating system and the HDD for your photos, movies, etc ..

Now let's look at the different storage technologies and how they affect your PC.


A common basic and best known hard drive model. It is based on the principle of electromagnetic writing on the surface of "plates" (metallized disks of metal or glass with a magnetically coded surface) thanks to writing and reading "heads" (mechanical arm with ferrite or other micro block for surface magnetization) Its speed is basically 5400 rpm and at very fast disks 7200 rpm. This parameter is important because it determines the speed of reading and writing, usually such disks reach a reading speed - write 90MB / s. - 80MB / s. for disks with 7200 rpm it is approximately 120MB / s - 119MB / s And then there is the response for a normal HDD is within 10-25 milliseconds. these are the slowest disks in our family of repositories so far. They are suitable for storing music, movies, backups in general for archiving purposes. They are generally the cheapest and slowest.


SSHD is a common HDD which also has an 8-16GB SSD fast module. As a buffer into which the "live" part of the operating system and the most used part of the SW are played when the computer is started, so that the response of these files is as fast as possible. SSHD is about 25-30% faster than HDD, but when loading large files, the speed falls to a normal HDD. SSHD is, so to speak, a blind development branch served as a leap towards clean SSDs without mechanical parts and as a springboard for their architecture and development of internal controllers, and today it is practically no longer used or sold


An SSD is a modern drive that has no mechanical components has an extreme speed of access to the date and within 25-100 microseconds which is more than 10x faster than a regular HDD which has a huge impact on the operating system. Thanks to the SSD, the system will boot up within 10 seconds of turning on the computer compared to a normal HDD, where a simple system start-up can take 35-60 seconds. Another advantage of SSDs is basically up to 5 times faster application loading as the average write speed is 550MB / s. - 530MB / s. So games load fast, video renders faster, copying is faster. and all this in the long run because the SSD has high efficiency and so practically does not heat up does not reduce its performance with the current load.

SSD speed fundamentally affects the visibility of the operating system, especially the latest Windows 10 and Windows 11

Generally, 450 MByte is enough - this is Mega Bytes which corresponds to 4200 Mbits per second.

Speeds up to around 2500 and more ..

examples of starting games with speeds

Links to video comparing HDD SSD and m2 SSD.

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