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Audio noise reduction for asic S19 Box – acoustic box

14, 776.86 CZK | 14, 776.86 CZK without WAT

Attenuation by 47dB to 38db.

Ecological materials!

We do not use mineral wool!

ASIC miner without overheating!

Width 52X39 cm, height 120 cm. Weight: 40 kg.

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Audio noise reduction for asic S19 Box – acoustic box
Audio noise reduction for asic S19 Box - acoustic box 14, 776.86 CZK | 14, 776.86 CZK without WAT
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Acoustic BOX for ASIC miners

reduces noise by up to 47 decibels to 39db.

The box silences the noisy ASIC to the point that it can be used continuously in the office or in the hallway of a family home.

The box is 40 kilograms. Most of the 90% is a combination of sound-absorbing material.

ASIC does not overheat in the box.

Compatible with all ASIC miners from Bitmain.

Use up to 6KW.

Attenuation: 47 decibels.

Noise in the room during use ASIC miner s19 90 TH with consumption - 3200W is 38 db, which corresponds to a whisper, or a powerful computer assembly.

The noise without using the acoustic box in the room is: 87db.


Environmental friendliness.
The construction uses only environmentally friendly materials, without harmful emissions and odors,
We categorically do not use mineral wool as a sound-absorbing material!

Good noise isolation in a wide frequency range.
Thanks to its weight (double weighs approx. 50 kg), the noise box suppresses not only high frequencies (whistling), but also rumbling (less than 1500 Hz).

The noise box is suitable for all types ASIC.
Only the equipment for the specific location differs asicmodel inside the box.
And if you plan to change the model in the future ASIC, you don't need to change the box.

The damper is comfortable and easy to maintain.

Hot air outlet vertically upwards - allowing you to be comfortably close to the box.
This is one of the MAJOR advantages over most simple direct flow mufflers where the hot air is blown horizontally.

The noise suppression efficiency is very high without damaging the miner.
When using a damper, there is no increase in temperature on the chips, thanks to the hermetic separation into cold and hot zones.
The fans are not loaded.
Asics stands on a vibrating cushion, which extends their service life.

Heat removal from the room.
We also offer a corrugation adapter for heat dissipation.

Power reserve.
Asicwith a total power of up to 5 kW can be placed in a double box.
For example, the most powerful + overclocked asic for the double box it has a power of 4kW.


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