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OCOCOO BC5 External water cooler 220V - Radiator

12, 104.96 CZK | 12, 104.96 CZK without WAT


Take advantage of the latest technology in computer cooling - Asic Miner Bitmain, Whatsminer, Ippolo and td with external water cooler OCOCOO BC5. With this powerful cooler, your computer will work more efficiently and without the risk of overheating. Mains voltage 220V.

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OCOCOO BC5 External water cooler 220V - Radiator
OCOCOO BC5 External water cooler 220V - Radiator 14, 087.60 CZK 12, 104.96 CZK | 12, 104.96 CZK without WAT
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OCOCOO BC5 External water cooler 220V - Radiator

Product parameters:

Name: BC5 External integrated radiator

Maximum power: 4000W

Pump parameters: 4500 rpm, 1300 l/h

Fan speed: 2200 rpm.

Dimensions: 592mm * 243mm * 375mm (length * base width * height)

Cooling block material: Aluminum

Black colour

Connection: thread G1/4 Function:

It cools the power of 4000W to 5000w.

Fan with PWM speed control.

High pump, large flow, high temperature water pump P90D, suitable for various kinds of water cooling. 36 channel custom cooler, external 220V power supply, easy switching.

Pump parameters:

Maximum flow: 1300 l/h

Maximum length: 5 m

Working current: 1,8 A

Working noise: ≤25DB

Input voltage: DC12V

Working temperature: -10 ~ 60℃

Supports speed control

Circuit design: three-phase brushless circuit with MCU control

Tip: Before adding coolant, follow these guidelines to create a good heat dissipation system after installing the water loop:

  1. When filling the coolant, it is necessary to repeatedly turn on the power to the pump several times. This re-switch allows coolant to easily enter the loop and air to exit.
  2. No Let the pump run at idle! If there is no coolant in the system, immediately turn off the power to the water-cooled pump to prevent damage to the pump.
  3. Injecting coolant from the top cover of the water tank can reduce the likelihood of air entering the pump and extend the life of the pump.
  4. A slightly inclined system can be released into the air for smooth release.
  5. When testing for a water leak, place toilet paper or a towel over the connection of the pipe fittings to confirm a water leak.




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